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November 16, 2009

“tidbits to chew on”: Hayate no Gotoku (manga)

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There’s a couple of things I want to note, seeing as the script for Hayate’s Chapter 249 is now out.

I have seen quite a number of people that have clamored regarding the predictability and the “dwindling Hata syndrome”, as I call it, that can be found in the manga. Well, with these spoilers, I see less and less of you. What happened? Where’d you all go?

Really, with the choices now, you can go a couple of ways. Either he chooses Nagi or Athena. Which is more predictable, choosing Nagi or Athena?

If you say Nagi, here’s another question. Which is more predictable? Athena becoming the “big bad”, or Isumi finding a way to save her without breaking the stone?

If you say Athena, here’s another question. How will Hayate deal with the trauma that is Nagi? Sure, she’s matured quite a bit, but do you think a “betrayal” (and since he can’t explain himself, it would be easily viewed as a betrayal) is a shruggable offense?

If you want my opinion, I hope that Hata will let Hayate choose Athena over Nagi. This is somewhat surprising to those than know me, since Athena is among the bottom three characters on my favorite list in Hayate no Gotoku. The reason I want it to happen is that I want there to be a big misunderstanding between Nagi and Hayate, and I feel Hata can pull off Hayate walking the fine line between pain and happiness by continuing to attend Hakuou afterwards.

However, with the clues given thus far, it is all but sure Hayate will pick Nagi over Athena, just because of that “little glimmer of hope” cliche.

If that’s true, it’s a shame.

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