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August 6, 2008

“novel samples”: epilogue excerpt (poem)

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This is the part of the epilogue where Alexan and Kiria confront each other in the final battle, away from all influences on them. Their final test rests in the gravity chamber of Alexandre, Ralshay’s castle, facing each other in mental combat.

While I haven’t explained this yet, just know for this excerpt that poems signify not only a gathering of mental strength but also casting of spells.

(Format for this excerpt is scriptfic, meaning that this hasn’t been written, transcripted, and edited yet. Just merely transcribed for you.

Within the tranquil twilight where “that mission” was foretold,
Was it those things before you that drew up your inner cold?
Perhaps the things ahead of you were those that shocked instead:
The voices living in your heart; in thoughts meant for your head.

When fate calls us to do our part, can we all not agree
That we do not have any choice; there’s no more “I” in thee?
Our strength comes from within and we are forced to understand
That power comes from not a one but this old, weary, land.

To you, who walks in darkness solely, I would disagree,
The path of light and dark as one is not as one might see.
You are just one who looks at me and tells what I adorn,
See, if I don’t reveal this, I will never be reborn.

What do you mean, you are yourself, you do not need to die?
Your life, my life, they are all real, so why spit out that lie?
Are you that covetous of me you wish to put me down?
The words you spew are falsities, stop acting like a clown!



Post…Temperans*…Lux. [After Darkness…Light.]
(I need to make sure this is the proper Latin Phrase, and this I’m not 100% sure.)
Alexan, you need to learn this my way.

May the Shield of Light protect me!
Come, O darkness, overwhelm me!


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