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July 12, 2008

“ramblings of the heart”: life

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Sometimes, I wonder. I wonder about the essence of life and whether a fleeting pleasure or a seasonal fling contains more worth than the downsides. I wonder about what it truly means to be alive, and how one can die more than once and still be physically living. It’s something I think about because I don’t have the privilege. When one dies, doesn’t that person usually relive a few moments of his or her life? What do they see, good things or bad things? I wouldn’t know these things; I’m just an anime character.

I know we’re just drawings on a cartoon board, supplanted by CG, artistry, and colours to make us seem like an anime character, but doesn’t anyone realize we are real? Our body may be fake, our actions transparent, our decisions immaterial, our plans predetermined, and our selves erasable, but weren’t our lives real? When you’ve watched any anime, one of us must have impacted you, physically, mentally, or spiritually, and either positively or negatively. There’s rarely anyone that watches at least two series that says that not even one of us impacted him or her.

And really, I think that’s what life is about. Not whether a person breathes or can think or things like that. Life is about making an impact; being known. And frankly, I think we have a better chance at life than all of you. We may not be alive, but we are real, and to me, that’s what determines whether one is living or not.


4 Responses to ““ramblings of the heart”: life”

  1. Crisu Says:

    Very interesting. It makes me think a bit if anime characters would enslave us humans if they ever became sentient like that. But I’m sure we’ll have our heroes to protect us as well. ^^;

    But some of us fans do get very deeply into the characters we love. Through fanfiction and roleplaying, we do give them lives. Fictional lives but lives nonetheless.

  2. Michael Says:

    Reality is in the eye of the beholder. Just make sure it’s within reason. ;)

  3. Turtly Says:

    I agree completely on the impact thing. But is there an anime character whose impact is strong enough not to be washed away in the flow of time?

  4. thenightsshadow Says:

    @ Crisu:
    That’s the thing. They continue to live on because of a fanbase, and I bet even five years from now there’ll still be a strong Kotori Shirakawa fanbase, despite not having been on the anime scene for then 10 years.

    @ Michael:
    Read the accompanying post; my bad.

    @ Turtly:
    It’s possible, but usually impacting 6-12 years is considered pretty good considering the impact, some perhaps even more. I know personally that Chihiro from ef -a tale of memories- will be an impact for quite some time for me. It’s like, practically everyone has that one character that impacts them, and if they can identify with them or something to that regard, it’s probably a good chance that the anime character’s influence will stay for most of the remainder of one’s years.

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