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May 27, 2008

“novel characters errata” introduction

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Honestly, I don’t think I’ll get away with posting chapters without first posting the characters. Obviously, for the sake of blogging and the fact that one character can make a post tl;dr, I have to split them up, giving them their own post. That’d be…13 main character posts, 5 side character posts, and 10 weapon posts. Yeah, even the weapons are characters; I’ll have to get down to that at another point.

I’ll be also using this section to talk about the novel’s terminology. I plan to tell the story from a perspective that’s familiar using terminology that isn’t. (I mean, it’s kind of obvious if I call the chapters Quesha [KE-sha] and the books Barlque [ba~REL-ku-eh].)

So, let’s see…character posts, terminology posts…I guess I could add attack, spell, and ki schematics if ever I need to come up with something.

Yeah, that’s what I have planned for this section. Occasionally, one of the characters may do a post. I’ll let you know who’s the one doing so. For now, I’m signing off.

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