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June 3, 2008

“what if?”: Sakura Amaneku Sekai (D.C. II S.S. ~Da Capo II Second Season)

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This “what if” post is going to be about D.C II S.S. ~Da Capo II Second Season’s OP, Sakura Amaneku Sekai. Before I go into detail, let me set a bit of a background.

(Warning, spoilers if you have not seen the entirety of Da Capo prior to the current airing season.)

Da Capo is a series, in my opinion, about harmony. It’s strength is not in the main couple but rather in the people supporting the couple. This is not about a solo, but rather, an orchestra. While Nemu and Jun’ichi would be happy together, their happiness is brought to life by their friends, or harmony.

If we look at the strings in the EDs of the former Da Capo’s S.S., we can find different colored strings, with Nemu’s being red. The ED has been widely interpreted as the strings being their connection to Jun’ichi, with Nemu bearing the red string of fate. I do not deny that the possibility is there for this interpretation, but I see it in a whole different manner. I actually see the strings like the strings on a stringed instrument, like a guitar or a violin.

Now, I play the violin, and I can tell you the sweetest notes in solo are the ones that require a “higher position” (it’s a term that means I move my hand position to a closer one to my shoulder). These are also lightly pressed, and that plays an importance. When we add other notes to this light one to make it a harmony, there needs to be a shift back to the original position; however, the note stays the same because there are very light presses that can be done to achieve a higher note. (There are four strings on a violin: G, D, A, and E. [The “C” between G and D is middle C on the piano.] If I use my 3rd finger on the “A-string”, I get the note “D”. If I then use my 3rd finger on the “E-string”, I get the note “A”, but on a higher octave than the “D”. And then, if I bring my finger back to “A-string”, but lightly press, I can get the note “A”, an octave higher than the “E-string”. This is what I mean.) Then we can add strong presses of other fingers to create a harmony.

This can be represented as Jun’ichi and Nemu’s friends. Their love, to them, is sweet. It probably wasn’t the best of circumstances as to their commitment to each other, but their love lasted past their initial emotions had faded, and that’s a good thing. However, I can guarantee that Jun’ichi and Nemu’s wedding wouldn’t have been more joyous for them if their friends had not attended in a manner that they approved of the wedding. I’m 100% Kotori, and to a lesser degree Mako, still had their feelings unresolved up to that point, and it was a matter of them to “cry over their ‘loss’” and move on. However, with their being truly happy for Nemu (female friends are usually able to tell if their friends are being sincere or not, and I sensed that Nemu had indeed sensed that they were sincere in their wishing for Nemu and Jun’ichi’s happiness together), the joy of their presence could finally be felt. This copulated joy is a harmony, existing primarily for the strength of their bonds together. As such, I viewed this OP with this in my mind.

Some points about the OP that I had found:
- When I looked at the original, I found a lot of freeze frames. I figure that these are intentional, and meant to be a framing of the memory of these characters in each other (OP, then, portrays it from Yoshiyuki’s POV).
- Another point I made a note of is the individuality of each character, and how there is no grouping (besides Yume and Otome, but they’re the Nemu-like characters of this generation), much like the previous OPs before that. I do not feel that betraying the original intent of the OP is an idea in and of itself.

So, this is my take on the full OP’s animation.

0:00 - 0:12
Lead-up, no animation.

0:13 - 0:16
Animation Starts. Shows Yoshiyuki’s clock. (Representing Yoshiyuki.)

In intervals, ending at around 0:35
- Shows a kitchen knife on the kitchen counter. (Representing Otome.)
- Shows one of Yume’s textbooks. (Representing Yume.)
- Shows the main room. (Representing all three of them.)
- Shows a plate of curry rice.
- Shows the kitchen sink.
- Shows a bitten apple.
- Shows the main room’s kotatsu.
- Shows the round snack.
- Shows the television.
- Shows the medicine cabinet
- Shows the front door.

Follow the original OP animation for 0:36 - 2:01.

2:02 - 2:08
Show more of the blue sky. Have the two birds (from 1:05 - 1:08) flying together across the screen, with a third one following behind at the end of the clip.

2:09 - 2:57
Parallel the themes of 0:35 - 1:22. Set the stage as around the school during and after classes, and also with regards to where everyone is.

2:57 -
Parallel 1:23 - 2:01 loosely.
- 2:57 - 3:12 will be more of the same “character-after-character” sort of thing (1:23 - 1:30), except this time the split will start on the other side. Also, they’ll shuffle through each person’s ability (instead of just the greetings by the secondary characters), starting with Yoshiyuki and ending with Yume. However, this will persist into that “picturesque” area of the OP (1:31 - 1:38).
- 3:13 - 3:27 will switch focus; instead of Otome and Yume’s respective endings showing, it will cycle through Minatsu’s, Anzu’s, Koko’s and Nanaka’s together, and then Sakura’s, leaving enough time to lead up to the next scene, which starts with Yoshiyuki looking out at the sky.
- 3:28 - 4:10 continues from Yoshiyuki looking out at the sky to the sky itself, and once again brings back the three birds from before. This time, they’re flying in a “v” shape, and then the right one falls behind. The left stops for a bit and the middle one returns to help it, but can’t and the two start falling. Eventually a group of birds (different-colored to represent each person) come in and help out, but it isn’t until a bigger bird colored green helps out that everyone can resume flying.
- 4:11 - 4:24 gives us another (albeit short) view of each character, but during their down points. Cue Sakura flutter.
- 4:25 - 4:40 follows the same pattern as 1:23 - 1:30 again, but this time with the grown-up version of Da Capo (Jun’ichi with Yume, Nemu with Otome, Kotori with Nanaka, Miharu with Minatsu, Mako with Koko, Moe with Anzu, and Sakura with Yoshiyuki), extending the clips slightly so they can make their own personal poses.
- 4:41 - 5:02 slides the multiple scenarios on top of Sakura and Yoshiyuki’s, and then Yoshiyuki’s hand is focused onto, for a moment (to show the “strings of fate” from DCSS’ EDs), before having Sakura lead Yoshiyuki back to the Sakura tree. Aerial view comes down to a ground view, and then the characters are placed off-camera before a green and black flash fill the screen.
- 5:03 - 5:49 are filled with shots of around the island, showing each major person’s house towards the end, ending with Sakura’s, followed by the Sakura Tree. It should end in the sky, where the title should fit.

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