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May 7, 2008

“what if” introduction

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What if? That’s the title of this section.
Now, I haven’t introduced much of myself yet, but I am a musician. Maybe this is because of that fact, but I like to question “what if the entire OP was animated?” before it happens, should it do so. In other words, the question I’m asking to myself would be what the OP would look like if the entire song was animated. That’s the “what if” here.

My lack of knowledge of Japanese helps here, because it allows me to be creative. In fact, it’s something I recommend we all try, blogger and reader alike. Even if you don’t write fanfiction/fiction/novels, poems, or scripts, you can still benefit from a little mind-jogging.

Yeah, that’s it. There’s not much else to this section other than this. I look forward to reading your versions of the full OP animation.

5 Responses to ““what if” introduction”

  1. Michael Says:

    Versions? Explain. :|

  2. thenightsshadow Says:

    Sure. I’m thinking that quite a number of anime fans out there have thought about what they would change about the OP animation.
    I’m presenting that opportunity to those that haven’t thought about it, and for everyone to show what they think it really should be.

    The only restriction is that the music that is used stays the same.

  3. Lelangir Says:

    Do you mean if the OP animation were to be longer than 1:30? There’s a lot of amateurish (I’m not the one to judge) AMV’s out there, so maybe they’d look like that. I think that’s something really hard to visualize. We’re so used to a minute and a half being this segment that’s supposed to fully portray the anime (or so that’s my take on its function), or at least be a teaser of some kind. Having it drawn out for several minutes may kill those aspects. And then it’s kind of hard to verbally explain something as visual as an OP sequence, but if I could change R2’s it would not feature Lulu on a horse.

  4. Michael Says:

    Ah, like those Nico Nico Douga parodies. I get it, then. Well, yeah, they would be fun :)

  5. thenightsshadow Says:

    @ Lelangir:
    No, actually, that little tidbit of Lelouch sans horse is an idea of how to change it. The “what if” here was if you were in control of the animation, and even something as small as that is a good suggestion.

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