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December 7, 2009

“call to wonder”: the word “otaku”

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The Otaku Elimination Game (seen here) has now hit its fifth round, and with it, three more eliminations have occurred. While I agree with the rating, I always take the time to inspect each blog afterwards, whether pass or fail, to find out what kind of ideas the person has, and whether I can draw anything from them. And one statement always stands out, though it clearly is always misused:

“I am an otaku!”

Derisory I may be, but those are some of the most blasphemous and yet misunderstood things to say in the segment of the blogosphere I am a part of.

Too often, people set labels on themselves (or even worse, others set it upon them) and then proceed to wear them. Proudly. All the while, these labels get misused because they are seen by others, misunderstood, then interpreted based on first glances and a lack of interpretation.

I would like to attempt a correction at such, even if it entails doing something that this blog normally tries to never do: “react to an issue that is interpretable as popular (another catchphrase, but that’s another topic) out of pure want or need.”

My reason for making this blog was to portray my thoughts, but when someone else does that well enough for me (except for the odd point, we share a lot more thoughts in common than I thought possible), well, I feel I have to resort to what I’m good at.

And that, in and of itself, is a strategy that works in life but fails in a number of issues, including “otaku”ism, if that can be considered a word.

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