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April 30, 2008

“character music analysis” introduction

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This section will be called “Character Music”. It’s a section dedicated to defining certain anime characters through their character music. You see, characters are usually seen through the circumstances presented via an anime episode, a source document (whether it be a VN, manga, or novel), and/or some sound episodes (Utawarerumono’s Radio comes to mind).

However, I feel that people have overlooked a gem of the characterization of anime characters; that is, their character music. This is usually done - perhaps unknowingly, perhaps not - but each seiyuu who embodies their characters fully reveal the true traits of a character. The ones that are in fact dominant and recessive. And, should there be any, new traits never shown.

So, this section will showcase some music that exhibit these qualities. Of course, in order to get the full sense, you have had to have heard the music and watched the anime in question to get the full picture. But, I wouldn’t consider it necessary.

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