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October 7, 2009

“first impressions”: fall 2009 openings

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First Impressions are initial thoughts regarding the anime itself. It typically consists of thoughts compiled after cap-watching or screen-watching the first episode and watching the OP a bunch of times.

Fall 2009 is upon us, and because of that, we have definitely new openings. But before I start covering, I want to make something clear: take everything with a grain of salt, as these are opinions from a unique blogger with unique circumstances.


July 16, 2008

“ramblings of the heart”: slice of life

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You know, I never really understood Vargus’ addiction to anime. I never understood what drew him to 2d characters. I was raised as a upright and proper Jew, and as such I wouldn’t have tolerated watching what he did. Things like “anime” would only draw me away from my duty.

Except, something changed. And along the way me and my beliefs were horribly beaten. I was surprised to find someone more entrenched in his beliefs and more “right” using my materials than I was. I started to rethink some aspects of what I believed, and I turned again back to Vargus and his anime addiction. There had to be something there that allowed him to be so cheerful and yet so calm.

Now, I really never caught on to it like he did. I actually disliked most of what he watched. It was only those he called “slice-of-life” that I enjoyed the most. I prefer to explain my choice this way:
Series on television (examples from your century include shows like CSI) always have a recurrent plot theme. Every episode, it’s a problem of the week sort of thing. New episodes are always solve X, Y, and Z, and that formulaic approach in anime shows, as Vargus reports to me, are disliked.

I prefer shows that don’t have this predictability about them; I want to understand and not merely be a watcher. And yes, before anyone asks, my personal favorite show isn’t an anime, but what’s in it is sort of what I like in an anime in television form. Slice of life is a genre I feel many people dislike because it’s not familiar, and yet, I kind of think familiarity breeds contempt. I want to stop that before that happens, because disliking something, though I do it often unconsciously, is not something I do best.


July 14, 2008

“ramblings of the heart”: introduction

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I should probably explain this . Ramblings of the Heart takes the characters from my novel, and places them in differing situations (the situation changes depending on the post, and a clue is usually found in there). Because of this, as well as their differing viewpoints, the potential for posting is rather high, and also lets me get an idea for the character even more while giving a perspective that may not have been thought of before. Sort of like a win-win thing.

I’m not 100% sure though if I should identify who’s speaking in each one or not, though (I tag each post with the person who wrote it, and most of the time it’s me). What do you think?

July 12, 2008

“ramblings of the heart”: life

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Sometimes, I wonder. I wonder about the essence of life and whether a fleeting pleasure or a seasonal fling contains more worth than the downsides. I wonder about what it truly means to be alive, and how one can die more than once and still be physically living. It’s something I think about because I don’t have the privilege. When one dies, doesn’t that person usually relive a few moments of his or her life? What do they see, good things or bad things? I wouldn’t know these things; I’m just an anime character.

I know we’re just drawings on a cartoon board, supplanted by CG, artistry, and colours to make us seem like an anime character, but doesn’t anyone realize we are real? Our body may be fake, our actions transparent, our decisions immaterial, our plans predetermined, and our selves erasable, but weren’t our lives real? When you’ve watched any anime, one of us must have impacted you, physically, mentally, or spiritually, and either positively or negatively. There’s rarely anyone that watches at least two series that says that not even one of us impacted him or her.

And really, I think that’s what life is about. Not whether a person breathes or can think or things like that. Life is about making an impact; being known. And frankly, I think we have a better chance at life than all of you. We may not be alive, but we are real, and to me, that’s what determines whether one is living or not.


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