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August 6, 2008

“novel samples”: epilogue excerpt (poem)

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This is the part of the epilogue where Alexan and Kiria confront each other in the final battle, away from all influences on them. Their final test rests in the gravity chamber of Alexandre, Ralshay’s castle, facing each other in mental combat.

While I haven’t explained this yet, just know for this excerpt that poems signify not only a gathering of mental strength but also casting of spells.

(Format for this excerpt is scriptfic, meaning that this hasn’t been written, transcripted, and edited yet. Just merely transcribed for you.

May 23, 2008

“novel samples”: Chapter 2 Excerpt

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This part of Chapter 2 follows a winding down from the battle in the previous chapter and some understanding as to who Vargus really is. The excerpt begins a bit over halfway into Kiria’s diary entry, and ends at around when she’s finished writing it. This won’t be a long read, so please comment on areas where I can improve.

If you’re confused with names, I’ll be revealing more about them once I have time.


May 5, 2008

“novel samples” introduction

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From time to time, I see a bunch of people with good writing praised on local fanfiction websites, but it doesn’t seem like the majority of the people want to do anything with their writing past just writing them up. To me, it seems like a wasted opportunity. I feel that if you can write even slightly decently, you can make novels, you can port them to the Japanese media, and you can make an anime out of it. Oh wait, that’s what I’ve been planning to do.

Anyways, those that know I’m writing a novel also know I’m writing the novel as the basis for the anime I want to produce. There are a lot of obstacles to overcome in that journey, and I’m aware of that. However, I have to tackle them one a time to keep myself sane. This is one such obstacle.

You see, all that has been written about this book, so far, has been from what I’ve seen in dreams. I’m a weird author in that I rarely draw inspiration from anything else other than what I see in the metaphysical. This has the unfortunate side-effect of making my writing…shall we say, not at it’s best?

My plan with this is to write chapters as they come, and eventually, I’ll have enough to piece together to finish it. I hope you’ll comment on the writing, and help me improve.

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