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October 7, 2009

“first impressions”: fall 2009 openings

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First Impressions are initial thoughts regarding the anime itself. It typically consists of thoughts compiled after cap-watching or screen-watching the first episode and watching the OP a bunch of times.

Fall 2009 is upon us, and because of that, we have definitely new openings. But before I start covering, I want to make something clear: take everything with a grain of salt, as these are opinions from a unique blogger with unique circumstances.


May 2, 2008

“opening theme grading” introduction

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This section will be called “Opening Theme Grading”. For those who had seen my blog before I remade it, this was the main section and what I considered my specialty. Opening Themes (referred hereafter as OP) are the garnish of anime for some (as a presentation addition, but not to be consumed), and the salt of anime (as a flavor tool to liven the anime’s taste) for others. What this means is that companies can utilize OPs to allow many different series (such as Druaga no Ou) to get a different perspective towards the anime.

However, as has already been iterated by other bloggers, OPs are part of the anime business that is surrounded with controversy. This aspect I do not wish to focus on, as I do not wish to make any statement one way or the other as long as it could be misconstrued as a political statement. The purpose of this section would be to judge OPs as to their worth to the anime they are paired with through an arbitrary-free grading where bias is mainly removed.

This will be my template for the grading OPs.
- Relationship to the Finished Series (/20)
- Lyrical Choice and Tonation (/40)
- Visual Art and Animation Quality (/15)
- Reader’s Bias (/15)
- Author’s Bias (/10)

There is already a set of criteria that have been set. However, should an OP be so great or be utterly full of fail to exceed the highest or lowest point of the criteria respectively, not only will the criteria be changed to reflect that, the scores of all OPs done beforehand would be adjusted accordingly.

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